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Rooftop Rentals

Rooftop rentals for outdoor concerts and festivals is a tricky subject, especially in Texas. Weather here tends to change dramatically, which can mean big trouble for people on stage, or anywhere near the rooftop, for that matter. Safety is our number one concern at Texas Stage Rental.

Do you know what style rooftop you need?  There are two types of outdoor rooftops: load bearing, and non load bearing.  Look below to see the type you need, and click through for more information!

Load Bearing Rooftop Rentals

Load Bearing Rooftops are typically used for larger shows. They are called ‘load bearing’ because they handle significant amounts of weight, like large lighting rigs and PA.

Non Load Bearing Rooftop Rentals

Non Load Bearing Rooftops (also called ‘shade roofs’) are typically used for smaller events. While they do provide cover for your talent, they can not hold very much weight.